Update: My Instagram Jiya.al.salaam This is about the REAL me. In this instagram I will reveal some more of my lies since apparently I have to justify myself to the retards. Yes, this is the one and only reason I'm temporarily back to this shit hole. The posts revealing lies will have thumbnails with a dark background and a pink text, and probably the word "lie" on the image...

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Sonic Passion was all for fake.

I have never written any poem for Sonic.

I have never been into bestiality.

The sonic sex toys lie.

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I have never attempted suicide.

I have never had cardiac arrest.

UPDATE (02/11/2021) : Yes I am well the uploader of these 2 videos:

UPDATE (09/15/2013): I promised that before leaving I would admit each one of my lies, but I've decided to keep it as short as possible so I'll only talk about the main one (don't want to type 10 pages). Here we go: I do not love Sonic. Well, I did, a long time ago. I used to be attracted to Sonic and many other game characters, that's true. But this was before I found out they were voiced by humans. I was attracted to virtual reality because I thought it was a completely synthetic environement. Because I had this craving for artificial and for perfection. And I've grown up persuaded that game characters had computer generated voices. But then I found out it wasn't the case and I've started to lose interest in them...I do not really remember when I found out exactly. I think it was around 2005. Youtube and many other sites didn't even exist back then. I knew there were human names behind game voices but I never thought it was voice actors. I assumed it was some sound designers creating the voices. Yes I lusted at Sonic as long as he fed my megalomania by being a completely synthetic and unnatural creature. But when I found out he wasn't the way I thought he was my interest for him has started dying. He definitely didn't live up to my expectations. So I've had to close Sonic Passion. Then more and more disapointments began to come ,until the day I really did not give a fuck about Sonic anymore. Only it was too late. Articles about me, my former forum (Sonic Passion) and my fake marriage had been posted online. My popularity was increasing so I couldn't go back. I did not want people to lose interest in me, so I've decided to pretend I still loved Sonic, just to stay in the "spotlight". Sonic was the only reason I was talked about so I had to pretend I still loved him. There was no other choice. Then I've made my debut in the media so it became even more impossible for me to go back. I wanted these media, I craved them, and Sonic was the only way I could get them (or so I thought). So I kept on lying. I thought it was a very small price to pay in exchange of fame. But look, I can't do that anymore. I really can't. Now when I think about Sonic all I feel is nausea like I'm going to vomit from being fed too much of something. It's not even a matter of having lost interest in him. I now can't even stand him anymore. Now it's just too much. He's become this forced "job". Enough is enough. In several intereviews I said I watched the cut scenes on youtube. That's because it's been almost a decade I don't even play the games anymore. Yes I was crazy over him because I thought he was this flawless and totaly synthetic creature, and I had hopes he would one day become an artificial intelligence so that we could have actually interacted. I believed in high technology one day being able to bring us together. But in reality it's getting worse and worse to the point that I now think that video games have no future. Game characters are being less and less artificial as apparently there are more and more human voices in games and that's the only thing people even talk and care about. It's unfortunate but such is life so I've had to move on. The "Sonic's wife" thing has turned into a gimmick for media exposure since a long time. Don't get me wrong, I will keep on playing video games and watching cartoons probably as long as I live. To me a life without some "virtual reality" isn't worth living. But I can no longer idolize that like if it was the light of the future because that's clearly not the path it's taking. Yes I know, I could very well have got to my ends if I had stayed as "Sonic's wife". You can make $millions from reality TV alone. But guess what? I do not want to be "Sonic's wife" anymore since a long time, and thus even if you paid me millions in return. I thought I could have kept on lying for a long time. At least untill I made a fortune or got to enter the american territory. But I was wrong. I can not lie anymore. I don't want to have anything to do with Sonic anymore. The very thought of it has become unbearable to me. The thing is that in my endless fame quest I have undergone extensive plastic surgery. This includes a breast augmentation, a breast lift, a complete abdominoplastie with musle tighening, a liposuccion of the waist, a lipossuccion of the hips and a teeth extraction. I was also preparing for a brow lift and a jaw surgery. Trust me you truly have to crave fame to put up with so many painful operations and shell out tens of thousands of dollars. I have started getting plastic surgery in 2011 in an attempt to redesign myself in a more "hollywood" way to attract more journalists. And in a way I have...To keep it short I'm not going to go into details but I've received several TV offers in the plastic surgery field. Like, you know, some journalists thought I had undergone a lot of plastic surgery, especially for my age. I've also been severely injured by botox. It has leaked in my blood stream causing horrific and possibly irreversible damage to my body. At the time I am writting this, it's been 13 months since I've received my first and last botox injections, and I'm still suffering from the horrendous side effects. So I'm begging you, never ever get botox or any other dermal filler because it's extremely dangerous. Plastic surgery has its miracles and also its tragedies. Anyway, all of this has attracted the attention of the media so I've decided to change my name to become a plastic surgery star. That's all. Since I could get media exposure in the plastic surgery field I've decided to terminate my "career" as "the Sonic girl" and to forget about Sonic forever. I've moved on very fast and without any regret. On the contrary, I was so happy that thankfully there was a way out now. That I could finally be free from Sonic and that I'll never have to lie again. Much like virtual reality, plastic surgery represents beauty, perfection and fake to me, and I know it's the path I want to take. I've already taken this path by changing my name. Alix Henriol no longer exist now. I'm living a new life in the plastic surgery field and I'm happy about it. So yeah this was the whole story in a nutshell. I could have added way more details. I could even have written an essay about it actually, but what's the point? It's not that big of a deal right? I mean, all the people aspiring to fame have to lie and make things up at some point right? Even Hollywood stars make up their own rumors for publicity stunt all the time. So who cares I've pretended to be in love with some game character? No harm done. And remember: I vowed that I will die a self made millionaire and I will never surrender. I vowed to myself and to the world that I'll become rich and famous and I'll be in this battle for however long it takes me to win.

The end.